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Success Stories

Success Stories

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Telecommunications Company

A success at a client where we've been involved since year one. They've never had a material weakness and we've helped lower their compliance cost dramatically as their internal control framework has matured...

Software Company

A situation where we took over the compliance effort in ‘06 from a large service provider who had the reins for ’04 & ’05 (client failed to meet SOX requirement for both of those years)...

Alternative Energy Company

A company that had multiple challenges as a very small public client, but we were able to help them develop a system of internal controls from scratch and they met their year-end deadline. This situation shows the remarkable scalability of our model from mature to develop stage companies...

Global Aerospace, Defense, Energy & Medical Industry Supplier Company

Brian English, Director of Operational Finance at RTI International Metals discusses how AFRM helped RTI improve the close.