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The key to a good implementation is effective planning.

With the completion of Discovery, we begin the process of planning your implementation. The first step is to determine the order in which departments and/or tasks will be implemented.

One advantage of the AFRM® solution is that it does not need to be implemented across your entire organization at once. In fact, we recommend that AFRM® be implemented in selected departments, and gradually grown through your organization.

We have found the most effective implementations initially involve a small number of people and a few processes. The selection of which processes and which departments to implement first depends entirely on your unique environment, and will be determined during discovery.

During the planning step, a timeline will be developed for each of the following tasks:

The process will be repeated as each new department is rolled out. The roll out for each department will be a little different, and each one must be carefully planned.

Our goal is that your implementation be effective, efficient and as low risk as possible, planning is the key to achieving that goal.

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