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One of our guiding principles is that we never slow your close. When we first implement the AFRM® solution, we do ZERO reengineering of your processes. Instead, we capture your processes exactly as they are. This is because, in general, your processes are actually quite good already, and they have been successful at closing your books. Our goal is to help you improve those processes in a very highly effective and efficient manner with no risk of slowing your close.

The initial procedure of capturing your current close process is called Discovery.

During this discovery stage, experienced members of our implementation team who have both firsthand knowledge the financial close and the AFRM® solution will visit your site to gain further knowledge about your close process. We will work together with your team to capture the activities comprising your financial close.

Our team will first become knowledgeable of your existing process by examining your current close checklist, reviewing the the reconciliation and journal entry binders and all the related supporting documents used in your close. Additionally, we will review your audit, SOX and any other system documentations, BEFORE we utilize your time. You are busy with your daily activities and do not need to “educate” another set of consultants.

Based on our review we will start developing our customized implementation plan which is specifically tailored to your close process. This includes:

Once this general discovery is completed, and we have detailed background about your close process, then our team will meet with each person from your team involved in the close to ensure that we have a detailed and thorough understanding of each team member’s contribution in the close.

Our team will then do the work required to load much of the close process in the AFRM® system.

Discovery is the first step in a full service implementation approach where our team will assist with the complete implementation of the AFRM® solution. Unlike many implementations we will not abandon you as soon as the system is live. Together through the entire process our team will be there not only to support, but to do much of the hands-on implementation work.

Discovery is the beginning of a journey that will end with a fully implemented solution, an optimized close process and a completely satisfied customer.

Best of all, initial discovery is at no charge to you and will be used as the basis of providing you with a fixed-fee implementation quote.

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